-18% Kookaburra Royale Players English Willow Cricket Bat

BRAND NEW for 2015. Kookaburra has introduced the Royale.

This exclusive Limited Edition range has been endorsed by Glenn Maxwell and used during the IPL2015. Ideal for innovative players who like to deal in boundaries while showcasing their range of innovative stroke play, the cricket bat has a light weight pick up with a full bodied power profile and huge Super Spine.


Code: 'Players' Unbleached English Willow with free of charge Padded Bat Cover.

Colors:  Lime Green, Orange & Navy

Sweet Spot:     Mid Blade (approx 210mm to 240mm)
Edge Profile:    Slightly Rounded (26-29mm)
Face Profile:     Dynamic Power Slightly Rounded Face
Spine Profile:     Super Spine (64 to 66mm)
Scallop:     Min. Concave (1-2mm)
Bow:   Mid/Max Blade (13-17mm)
Handle:     "Skinny" Round Powerdrive
Grip:    Kookaburra Max
Weight Range:     2lbs 7oz - 2lbs 9oz

Hand Crafted
Each cleft is different, and although replication by machine would seem a sensible direction, it does not allow Kookaburra’s Master Bat Maker to individually assess and uniquely work every cleft to maximise it’s performance. Over 50 different processes go into the production of each Kookaburra bat... TRUE CRAFTSMANSHIP

Super Spine
Players want bats to look as big as possible; hence they want the spine to be as high as it can be. The Kookaburra ‘Super Spine’ measures up to 68mm (depending on the weight and profile of the bat), generating maximum power through every single ball.

Big Sweet Spot
Engineered to maximise the size of the sweet spot, by optimising the edge, spine and scallop profiles - Kookaburra bats are produced with the maximum sized ‘sweet spot’ available, building confidence and emphasising strokeplay.

Rounded Face
Kookaburra’s Rounded Face Profile is generally favoured by the more traditional player. The rounded face provides a refined direction of power throughout the hitting zone, but yields a slightly less imposing yet more familiar profile.

Power Drive
Kookaburra handles utilise multiple pieces of specially selected cane to enhance strength. This reinforces the bond between handle & blade thereby maximising durability and power transfer.

Angled Toe
All Kookaburra bats have a slightly angled toe – this allows the bat to sit comfortably in the stance and promote the preferred hand position of being slightly ahead of the blade.

Despite the quest for maximum profile, certain players still want ‘lightweight’ bats. The Kookaburra Master Bat Makers use all their skills to produce more big bats which are also lighter than any other Brand – the ‘holy grail’ for all players.

Naturally Dried
Kookaburra use traditional methods to prepare willow, with clefts being left to dry naturally over a period of time rather than ‘flash’ dried in kilns. This gives greater durability as it allows the willow to find it’s natural moisture level

This process is done by hand NOT machine and greatly reduces the time needed to prepare your bat for match play. It is not a full ‘knocking in’ service and more preparation work by yourself is advised after purchase.

Max Grip
Exclusive to Kookaburra, the Max grip uses an ‘octopus suckers’ grip pattern for the top hand, combined with the proven rotational shape of the Players grip on the bottom hand for control.

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Kookaburra Royale Players English Willow Cricket Bat

Kookaburra Royale Players English Willow Cricket Bat

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